Time to Talk: Cop Hate

Do you trust your local police force? Do you like your local police force?

If you’re a Winnipegger, you probably have heard the story about Trent Milan. He is a police officer that is charged with 15 counts of possessing a prohibited weapon, breach of trust, attempt to obstruct justice, and theft, and drug trafficking.

This isn’t the first time a report has come out about a dirty cop, and it won’t be last.

If you’ve been on the Internet in the past ten years, you’ve probably seen a video of a police officer being overaggressive, whether it is one of them beating an unarmed individual or shooting people without cause. You’ve also probably seen videos of cops acting like complete power-hungry dickheads.

This has added to the mentality that all cops are dirty and abusive; a mentality that is all too prevalent in today’s culture.

Thetoptens.com is a website that allows people to vote and add their opinions to create top ten lists regarding a certain topic.

The “Top Ten Biggest Reasons People Hate Police” list

1. They are working for politicians and not the people
2. They’re stupid (mainly false)
3. They think they can talk and treat you however they want
4. They’re criminals in disguise
5. They hate black people
6. They beat you during interrogation
7. They’re more annoying than math teachers (really? are you 5?)
8. They think they own you
9. Police in third world countries make money by taking bribes
10. They always want to be right

Reuters.com conducted a poll in the United States and when asked the question “Do Police officer routinely lie to serve their own self-interest?”

• 30.9% agree
• 43.8% disagree
• 25.2% were unsure

It also concluded 37.3% believe police officers unfairly target minorities, and only half believe they are fair and just.

So is all this cop hate justified?



Yes, but that doesn’t make it right.

The reason why all these abusive police officers are in the news is because their actions are out of the norm. CBC, CTV, FOX, etc. don’t report on cops doing their job correctly because it’s not newsworthy or interesting. The news wouldn’t report you walking to school because you do that every day. If you were walking to school and were hit by a bus, now there is a story to talk about because that shouldn’t have happened.

There is more than 765,000 sworn personnel (people with the ability to make arrests) in the United States alone. Even if there was an abusive/dirty police officer case talked about on the news every singled day in the past ten years, that would still mean under 0.01% of police officers have been reported as abusive/dirty.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not blind. I know that there are racist, dirty, abusive, paid-off, terrible police officers in the world. I am in no way ignorant to that fact. But they are the minority.

At the end of the day, the reason you have the freedom to whine about the police is because the majority of them are good citizens that protect your freedoms. There are some that are bad at their job and should be jailed for what they’ve done, but most would give their lives to protect you.

Could you give your life to protect innocents if it came down to it? Would you?

I’m not saying you should start placing your faith in them. I’m not even saying you should stop protesting. In fact, I encourage it. It’s an issue that needs to be dealt with it will never get dealt with until the government realizes how much it matters to you. All I’m saying is before you start spouting off cop hate, realize that for every shitty police officer that beats a black individual for no reason other than to get a rush out of it – there are 1000 that do nothing but try and keep you safe at night.


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