5 Ridiculous St. Patrick’s Day Facts

St. Patrick’s Day. The one day a year where alcohol abuse in not only encouraged, but celebrated.

Millions of people across the world will drink, laugh, puke, cry, yell, fight, hook up, break up, and wake up the next morning either feeling like a god, idiot, or like they’re just about to die.

Of course with such a ridiculously beautiful and simultaneously insane holiday, there are many weird facts about it. Here are some the best and/or weirdest ones.

1. The Hot Springs March

In Hot Springs, Alabama, lies Bridge Street – the world’s smallest street at 98ft. So what better way to celebrate such a ridiculous achievement but combining it with the ridiculous celebrations associated with St. Patrick’s Day. The townspeople host an annual parade down Bridge Street. It’s actually quite genius if you ask me. I get bored of most parades after fifteen minutes, and I don’t know if this one would even last THAT long.

2. St. Patrick’s Day used to be a dry holiday

From 1903 to 1970, pubs in Ireland were shut down to commemorate the holiday. Well that didn’t sit to well with the Irish and so the ban was eventually lifted. Ireland now consumes around $245 million dollars of beer every March 17. I’m guessing making up for lost time.

3. St. Patrick didn’t wear green

He was almost always depicted wearing blue, like the Irish flag used to be. int he 17th century, Ireland changed the colours of it’s flag and the green associated with Ireland’s rich agriculture, eventually being named the Emerald Isle.

4. Stop saying “St. Patty’s Day” – Foreigner

In Ireland, Patty is short for Patricia. PADDY is short for Patrick. This particular screw up irks many Irish people.

5. Dyeing you food green actually represents very dark history.

During the infamous Irish Potato famine, residents of the country had nothing to eat. This resulted in lots of people having to resort to eating grass, leaving others to find their corpses with green-coloured mouths.



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